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Particl (PART)

PART Price: $ 0.1874

Change 24h: 10.68%

Today Open: $ 0.1693

Today High: $ 0.1891

Today Low: $ 0.1682

Yes, Bitcoin Can Do Smart Contracts and Particl Demonstrates How

The Bitcoin blockchain is not known for its ability to enable smart contracts. In fact, most developers creating smart contracts use a different blockchain, like Ethereum.   But the truth is that the Bitcoin protocol can be used to create smart contracts., the blockchain eCommerce platform, is doing just that by using Bitcoin-based smart…

Particl Unveils Its Confidential Cryptocurrency Transactions

Particl, the Blockchain team behind an open source, decentralized privacy platform for person-to-person (P2P) transactions built on Bitcoin codebase, has added support for confidential cryptocurrency transactions. Particl developers, contributors and privacy advocates can now take advantage of this important, new privacy feature for Particl’s native PART token as the amount of coins and parties involved…

Particl Matures With Feature Push and New Wallet App Release

While governments and mainstream media still equate privacy with only “bad things” as demonstrated by Europol’s recent report, the Particl Project has over delivered on its roadmap and quietly made big leaps in building apps for its decentralized privacy platform. Particl’s most recent advancements include the release of a new multi-signature wallet, user interface updates and…