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Bitcoin Price Continues to Rise, Demonstrating Resilience as Core Developer Explains

Throughout the past week, the Bitcoin price has surged from around $4,500 to $5,920, demonstrating a $1,420 increase in value within a relatively short period of time. Since October 14, the price of Bitcoin has endured a minor correction, declining from $5,920 to $5,500. But, Bitcoin Core developer Eric Lombrozo emphasized the resilience of Bitcoin…

ETHEREUM: Lighter, Faster, Private; Price Rise?

Ethereum hard fork-Byzantium; much anticipated upgrade for the Ethereum community. Supporters, experts, developers are awaiting the next, until now, Ethereums biggest upgrade; boldly, confidently, optimistically. On Sunday-Monday it is expected to the world’s second largest blockchain, and number one, most used development platform, will have a very important change to its codebase, called Ethereum hard fork-Byzantium.…

Bitcoin’s Meteoric Rise Results in Market Cap Bigger Than Nike, Bayer, Goldman Sachs

Bitcoin’s orbital trajectory hit a high of $5800 this week, giving the coin a market cap valuation close to $97 billion, listing the digital currency ahead of companies such as Goldman Sachs, Nike, and Bayer. Bitcoin’s rise continued apace yesterday, breaking through the $5,000 mark before going on to hit an all-time high of $5,800.…

Ether’s Price Rises to $348 Despite ‘Byzantium’ Hard Fork

While Bitcoin price hits a new record high, according to the CoinMarketCap’s Index at the moment of writing the Total market cap of Ether is $31,0 billion. Ethereum is a decentralized platform that includs applications working in the same way as they are coded without delays, censorship, fraud or third party participant. Being special form of a…

Coinbase Instant Buy Program May Be Fueling Bitcoin’s Meteoric Rise

As bitcoin’s market value surges past $92 billion, a key announcement by cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase could be a driving factor behind the dramatic rally. Coinbase Announces Instant Buy Program Coinbase, the world’s most funded digital currency exchange, announced Thursday it is enabling U.S. investors to make instant purchases of up to $25,000 worth of bitcoin,…

U.S. Consumer Inflation Rises in September as Retail Sales Accelerate

U.S. consumer prices accelerated in September as fuel costs rose, possibly giving the Federal Reserve the ammo it needs to raise interest rates for a third time this year. Meanwhile, the value of retail sales climbed in September, signs of firming consumer spending that could bolster the outlook on third-quarter growth. Consumer Inflation Ticks Higher…

Bitcoin Jumps to Near $6,000, Market Cap Rises to $95 Billion, The People’s Bailout is Underway

Bitcoin’s price jumped by $1,000 yesterday, rising from around $5,000 to near $6,000 for the first time ever. With the jump of 1k in just hours not really seen before… The post Bitcoin Jumps to Near $6,000, Market Cap Rises to $95 Billion, The People’s Bailout is Underway appeared first on Trustnodes.

Technical Analysis: Ripple and Bitcoin Rise More as BTC Dominance is Back

The two leaders of the market continued to outperform, with BTC and XRP both rising meaningfully in the face of the broad decline in altcoins. Ripple is up by double digits yet again, and the coin reached our next target at $0.26 overnight, getting short-term overbought in the process. While we expect the currency to…